Beaumaris Gaol is a disused jail .  The jail was built in 1829. The Gaol housed men, women and children.

Beaumaris Gaol Ghost Hunt- Anglesey- 15/02/2020- £45 P/P

  • Beaumaris Gaol is a disused jail in Anglesey. The jail was built in 1829. The Gaol housed men, women and children.

    It was expanded in 1867 to accommodate approximately 30 inmates but was closed just 11 years later. This prison is most well known for its brutal treatment of prisoners, stretching racks, chains and whippings were common in the Gaol.

    The building later became a police station until the 1950s when it became a children's clinic and lastly a museum in 1974. During the Second World War the town's air raid siren was located in the gaol and was kept in operation during the Cold War in case of nuclear attacks. 

    In 1862 Richard Rowlands was executed for the murder of his father in law. Rowlands protested his innocence and according to local tradition he put a curse on the clock in the church tower opposite the scaffold. To this day the clock has never kept the right time.

    The Gaol's governor and prison wardens have been seen on many occassions . Doors slamming , footsteps and harrowing screams are hears frequently at this spooky gaol.

    What will we find?

    Your evening includes:-

    * Opportunity to explore many areas of this Gaol 

    *Chance to use real investigation equipment such as K2 Meters, Ghost Boxes and EVP Sound recording devices

    *Opportunity to partake in investigation experiments such as Table Tipping and seances

    *FREE TIME to conduct your own investigating

    *Unlimited hot refreshments

    *No alcohol , under 18's or pregnant ladies please *


    * Unfortunately this event is unsuitable for those with mobility issues, apologies . Ouija Boards are not permitted at this location. 


    Times :- 8pm-2am

    Parking :- Local car parks are available

    Toilets and Refreshments:- Yes

  • Steeple Lane


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