Portsmouth Prison Ghost Hunt- 20/03/2021- £49 P/P

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HM Prison Kingston is a former Category B/C men's prison, located in the Kingston area of Portsmouth.

Kingston Prison was originally built in 1877 as a Victorian radial design prison. Kingston has had a varied history. At one point the building was used for a boys' borstal, and then became a police station during World War II.

In 1965 capital punishment for murder was abolished in Britain and, as a result, Kingston began exclusively to hold inmates serving life sentences. Kingston became the only prison in England and Wales to have a unit exclusively for elderly male prisoners serving life sentences.

The prison formally closed on 28 March 2013

Still being looked after and cared for, the Clock Tower at HMP Kingston Prison is the first thing you see when entering through the front gates.

The clock is the oldest part of the prison and came from a nearby church.

It is believe to be 280 years old - more than 100 years older than the prison itself.

We have access to near enough the whole site which includes all of the wings, old chapel, basement etc

The prison has had a number of spooky goings-on reported over the years, from ghostly voices swearing to doors banging and heavy footsteps, what will encounter here?

Your night will include :-

*Chance to investigate this huge prison

* Use of paranormal investigation equipment such as K2 Meters, Ghost Boxes and EVP Sound recording devices
*FREE TIME to conduct your own investigating
*FREE Refreshments

Additional Information

Times :- 9pm-4am

Parking :- Yes

Toilets and Refreshments:- Portaloo Toilet on site, we can provide bottled water and sealed snacks, please feel free to bring your own refreshments or flasks if you would prefer to do so


HMP Kingston

122 Milton Road



* Unfortunately this event is unsuitable for those with mobility issues *

*No Alcohol , under 18's or pregnant ladies please *

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